That sweet potato

That sweet potato

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This episode is the first of a series of pilots for an updated Talking Food Radio. We used the same very basic equipment as the old radio show, and the same approach: conversation first, technology last. As the series progresses, we will adapt the recording method to suit the participants as well as the final goal - which requires much improved sound quality.

The pilot podcast track is a sequence of snippets from the 90-minute live recording. The discarded sections were generally the best ... Más informaciones


  1. 00:15
    You are a wonderful cook
  2. 03:09
    The eating pattern has changed
  3. 04:36
    A Ruby Murray
  4. 06:12
    Is there a difference in the taste?
  5. 07:25
    Chicken was a luxury
  6. 11:08
    That sweet potato
  7. 17:10
    Fish soup
  8. 23:40

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